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April 2, 2015
Very happy to have updated the video section of my portfolio with 7 new videos from two United Nations organizations - UNICEF and the United Nations Development Program.

The UNDP productions can be found here and the UNICEF video can be found here.

Below are two of my favourite of the seven productions.

This video was one of 4 videos produced highlighting the collaborative work of the UNDP, UNCDF, and the Republic of Korea as they worked together with the Government of Rwanda to build an inclusive financial sector in the country. The reason why it's one of my favourites is because while we were filming I didn't see how we could tell the story of SACCOs and still keep the video interesting. I was afraid it was going to be all statistics and bad lighting but in the end the stories from the motorcycle taxi driver and the local landlord - who both were simply at the SACCO to do their monthly banking -  carried the video quite nicely.

The Rwanda Disaster Risk Reduction production is a favourite for a completely different reason. Firstly because it's not my production - the video was produced by the communications team at MIDIMAR - all I did was act as a mediator and translator between what UNDP staff were looking for and what the MIDIMAR team would produce.

The MIDIMAR communications team are excellent and produce a weekly television show for Rwanda Television and without their amazing stock footage, great production skills, and ability to adjust scripts and footage on a short time frame made this production possible.



December 5, 2014
I am extremely happy to share the first two productions since signing a long-term agreement with UNICEF Rwanda as a Videographer. During the next year I will be working with the UNICEF communications and program teams to produce several videos highlighting UNICEF's work in Rwanda.

Check back soon for more videos.

10th National children's Summit - Kigali, Rwanda. Read the whole story here.

Global Handwashing Day celebrations in Musanze, Rwanda. Read the whole story here.

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Norwegian People's Aid

November 11, 2014
Finished and approved in October 2014 this video was used by Norwegian People's Aid to introduce the Rwanda Women's Network to a funding agency in Norway.

I look forward to working with NPA on more projects in the future.

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Top 5 lists

November 10, 2014
I'm a big fan of top 5 lists and I am in need of some inspiring posts to keep me updating on a more regular basis. So, with those two things in mind I'm going attempt to post a top 5 photos and/or videos list every month (or two).

I hope you enjoy.


September/October 2014

Save the Children - First Read Program

Save the Children - First Read Program

UNICEF Rwanda - Baseline Study on Early Childhood Development

UNICEF Rwanda - Global Handwashing Day Celebration

UNICEF - Handwashing Campaign in...

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