On Wednesday Erica and I were invited to go see the children of Ibhongolwethu perform “Africa, One Tribe” at the Khayelitsha’s OR Tambo Hall as a World AIDS Day event. The Ibhongolwethu project is a series of circus arts workshops enabled by Medecins San Frontiers (MSF) and Zip Zap Circus School that is sponsored by Cirque du Soleil.

It was a beautiful break in our day. The hall, which is absolutely beautiful and perfectly suited for such events, was completely buzzing with people, music and a wonderful energy.

Rather than getting up and running around with the many other photographers to fight over a potential perfect image I decided to sit back in my seat and be as enthralled by the show as the children that were surrounding Erica and I. Unfortunately, this means I am only posting a few photos of an amazing event but hopefully they are enough to give a nice little glimpse as to what the event was like.

If you want to experience something like it you’ll just have to visit and Erica and I will seek something similar out for you.

Enjoy the Photos.