Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to share three new photos and to keep you apprised of some of my volunteer projects here in Cape Town. 

With the Child Health Unit at the University of Cape Town I began shooting the first of 20 videos for the Medical Educational Training Videos project.  The shoot went well thanks to the wonderful staff at the University of Cape Town South African TB Vaccine Initiative project staff. We were shooting in their clinic space and they were wonderful to work with.

I doubt I will be posting video from the project in order to be considerate of the patient confidentiality and rights but I can share the following photo from the shoot.


I will begin post production 
next week.

The last two photos I wish to share are from a trip to Franschhoek, a town about 60 minutes outside of Cape Town. The photos are two panoramic builds (several photos stitched together) that I shot and edited during a recent trip.

I hope you enjoy,