Hi folks,

You're probably wondering why the redirection from www.facebook.com to here; well after a lot of thought and several discussions I have decided that I no longer wish to use Facebook to share my photos. I don't like the way Facebook works to share photos and I find myself trusting them less and less.

That means that any photos I take that I wish to share I will posting them here on the "news" part of my website and posting a note about the update on my Facebook profile.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

As I get settled in Cape Town I will post more often here. The posts will be mostly photos from my travels in South Africa with maybe a few written posts about my experiences and first impressions.

If you have an RSS reader or use igoogle you can subscribe to the rss feed (on the right) and get updates that way or you can wait for an email or facebook post from me.

Stay well,