If you read this blog often you will remember that I mentioned Cape Town and I believe South Africa in general is a study in extremes. The juxtaposition provided by incredible wealth and unimaginable poverty is everywhere.  When I am posting photos of Stunning scenery, landscapes and vistas, as I am about to do I always feel the need to inform you of the context of these photos. While I believe they are a wonderful representation of Cape Town and its beauty they fail to show you the poverty and the city’s underprivileged. They don’t provide you with Cape Town’s whole story. I hope to provide you with photos that add to the story and show the other side of Cape Town soon but for now I’ll have to settle with simply informing you so that you keep the following photos in context.

This series of photos was taken on a trip to Cape Point – the southernmost tip of Africa through Chapman’s Peak with Erica’s (and now my) friend Marcello Leucci. Marcello visited us last week-end after attending an optometrist’s conference in Johannesburg.  Working with Training Optometrists in Africa (TOA) Marcello is supporting the work of the Tanzania optometrists’ association through online training and collaboration. For more information visit their website: http://toatraining.com.

Visiting this incredible national park has been one of my favourite adventures thus far. To feel the size and age of the mountains, cliffs and shoreline on this route was just incredible and I recommend it to anyone who intends to visit South Africa.

Enjoy the photos,